Public Comments Overwhelmingly Oppose HHS Mandate

97% Oppose Contraception Mandate

The Heritage Foundation has reported that the federal government just released the first round of public comments regarding the administration's proposed Health and Human Service's mandate, and they are overwhelmingly opposed to the measure. No surprise there. America was founded on religious freedom and Americans resent having their religious liberties trampled upon.

Out of the 211 comments submitted, 97% oppose the mandate. Only six of the comments offer support for the mandate.

The HHS mandate will require all organizations that offer health insurance to include coverage for contraceptives and abortion-inducing medications, even if such drugs violate the organizations' religious or moral beliefs. EWTN, some Christian and Catholic colleges, business owners, and even some state legislatures have filed lawsuits opposing the mandate.

"As a Democrat, I will vote Republican if religious freedom is not protected and respected," wrote Arlene from Colorado.

An anonymous commenter from Missouri insisted that the mandate constitutes "a religious freedom issue, not a women's issue."

All of the public comments can be viewed here.