Please Stop Leaving Mass Early Right After Communion, Difference Between Envy and Jealousy and More!

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Please Stop Leaving Mass Early Right After Communion!  Brantley Millegan of ChurchPOP +1

Envy & Jealousy: Why the Difference Actually Matters  R. Jared Staudt of Catholic Exchange +1

The Ash Grey Lenten Vestments of the Rite of Lyon  Shawn R. Tribe of Liturgical Arts Journal

Organist & Master of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey - Charlotte O'Neill of Vox Humana

What’s the Difference Between Abortion & Infanticide?  Justin Dyer of Mercatornet

Plagiarism Prompts Retraction of a 25-Year-Old Article by Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.  Ivan Oransky of Retraction Watch

How to Build a Go-To (Sunday Mass) Wardrobe  Meghan Ashley Styling

Problems in Contingency I: Serial Contingency & Polytheism  Bob Drury of Catholic Stand

St. John Chrysostom Teaches Fundraising  Brice Sokolowksi of

Problems in Contingency II: The Argument for God From Contingency  Bob Drury of Catholic Stand

Why You Should Read Church History  Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Raymond Arroyo & The Papal Posse: Vatican Abuse Summit Was A Pointless "Gabfest"  De Omnibus Dubitandum Est.

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