Not like that!

Oh, son!  We’ve all had bad days, but this guy is having such a bad day:

(Video found at Hot Air)

I don’t know if the—what would the word be?—programmer/choreographer of this performance had any specific type of battle in mind, or if it’s just an illustration of Being Embattled, in general. 

Either way, this clip seems to show a fairly straighforward representation of human struggle.  As an obsessive metaphor-hunter, though, I think I get more out of unintentional representations of the human condition, than I do from a well-crafted literal depiction of the same.

This scene from It’s a Wonderful Life, for instance—a fine example of a literal representation of prayer.  Poor George Bailey says, “God ... oh, God.  Dear Father in heaven.  I’m not a praying man, but if You’re up there and You can hear me, show me the way.  I’m at the end of my rope, I— show me the way, God!”


A great, moving bit of acting, and I love this movie.  But which scene pops into my head more often when I’m arguing—erm, I mean, praying to God?  A little something from Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy, of course:

The feckless Jonathan wanders off to inspect some interesting decorative scarabs—only to discover that they are real, live, flesh-eating scarabs that burrow under his skin! They race around, horribly, and are headed for his brain!  Jonathan runs to Rick, the hero, and begs him, “Do something, do something!”  But as soon as he sees how he’s going to help:  “NOT THAT, NOT THAT!”
(Warning:  in case you couldn’t tell from the description I just gave, this clip is scary and gross, not for kids or the easily disgusted!)

Well, we’ve all said prayers that are answered that way:  God says, “Sure.  Here comes the knife.”  Ouch.

How about you?  Do you have any favorite movie scenes with private meanings?  Any seemingly trivial images ring a bell in your head?  Hey hey, it’s Friday!