New Documentary on The Pill as Abortifacient

I just heard about a new documentary on “The Pill” this morning (thanks to Matt Swaim’s Twitter feed). It’s by a group of Evangelical Christians:

In light of the birth control pill’s 50th anniversary this year, a group of Evangelical Christians released a documentary addressing the controversial claim that the pill acts as an abortifacient, and that women across North America are largely uninformed on what the drug actually does.

In his documentary titled, “28 Days on the Pill,” Trent Herbert of London, Ontario discussed how he set out with his wife and nurse friend on a journey across the U.S. and Canada “to uncover the truth about the birth control pill.” [CNS]

It doesn’t appear to address (I’ve only had time to watch the short version of it below) the immorality of contraception in particular. Or that the contraceptive mindset is what leads to such widespread use of the pill and motivation for abortions. Or that contraception is grave sin and contrary to the Natural and Moral Law.  But it does address another little known fact about The Pill: Not only can it kill your baby, but it’s designed to do so. Most women don’t know that. In fact, most women don’t really have a clue how the Birth Control Pill works and how drastically it alters their body.

The documentary also does a good job of highlighting the fact that Birth Control Pill providers don’t want you to know any of this.  But who can really blame them.  The fact that your product might be killing your customers’ babies is not what you’d call a selling point.  The saddest part, though, is that I think many women don’t want to know, either. By remaining ignorant they won’t have to change their lifestyle or face this grave reality.

But it’s neat to see more information like this being shared with people. It’s been known for awhile that The Pill can cause abortions. But I think the issue is starting to get more traction and more and more women are coming to understand the havoc that mysterious little pill they take every morning wreaks on their body.

There is a short version of the documentary.  And there there is a long version.  You can find more on their website:

Here’s the short version:

Here’s the long version:

I also put together some more info, including more videos, on “How the Pill Works” here.