Life in the Palm of Your Hand

Handheld ultrasound machines smaller than a newborn and viewable on your Smart Phone may have a spectacular impact on the abortion debate.

Technology Review reports:

Two years ago, computer engineers at Washington University in St. Louis created a prototype that took ultrasound imaging to a new level of mobility and connectivity—they connected an ultrasound probe to a smart phone. Now a startup awaiting clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hopes to begin selling the device next year.

Obviously, this amazing technology at a fraction of the cost of a typical ultrasound has all sorts of beneficial applications for the healthcare industry. And people much smarter than I will write about that. But I think the larger story here is how the availability of ultrasound technology will affect the abortion debate worldwide.

While the abortion industry fights to keep the unborn in the dark by fighting ultrasound legislation and battling crisis pregnancy centers, illuminating the womb is the greatest asset the pro-life community has.

We’ve all seen the stories about how ultrasound trucks have been denied a parking space near an abortion clinic such as in Rockford Illinois. Well, you don’t need a parking permit for a smart phone. Big Abortion will do anything to further the anti-science “blob of tissue” lie. So desperate are they, I’m sure that after this technology is available everywhere Big Abortion will push to make it illegal to hold a Smart Phone within 500 feet of an abortion clinic.

This technology will likely save lives. With this technology we can hold life in the palm of our hands.