Let's Hope the Pope Doesn't Act All Catholic-y

We knew that some English government officials were a wee bit peeved about the Pope coming to England. They’ve shown that with their emails suggesting that the Pope visit an abortion clinic or suggesting a new brand of Pope Benedict condom. We know that many Muslims aren’t happy about the visit because a Muslim publication has called for Muslims to “tell the Pope in no uncertain terms what Muslims think of his evil slanders against the last Prophet of God and his message.” What we didn’t know was that some Catholic officials in England aren’t so crazy about the Pope’s visit either. In fact, some Catholic officials are hoping that the Pope doesn’t act too Catholic-y when he visits England.

The Catholic Herald reports:

English Catholic officials are hoping that the Pope will not further inflame anti-Catholic sentiment by speaking out against gay marriage or adoption, or abortion and divorce.

They are focusing on common ground between the Vatican and the British government in such areas as the environment and international development.

So the Pope shouldn’t talk about the dignity of the human person or the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage? But other than that the Pope should feel free to say nice things about the environment ‘cause you know Jesus was a big greenie.

So many Catholics today (lay and clergy both) see themselves as real world ambassadors to the Church. They seek to “modernize” the Church. They seek to “update” the Church or make it “relevant.” Embarrassed by the tenets of the faith they seek to tone down the message to one the world already accepts which I’m not sure I understand why the world needs to be called to be exactly like it already is.

The message of the Church is a radical one and can set the world on fire. But first Catholics have to be willing to carry the message. They have to be willing to be too Catholic-y.