KLM Takes Pride in Disordered Seat Belts as Unintentionally Funny Ad Backfires

In an age of spiritual turbulence it's important to remember that seat belts, like human beings, are created for a purpose.

(photo: Register Files)

This is the best kind of hilarious because the best kind is always unintentional. But this pro-gay pride ad from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is especially hilarious because it delivers exactly the opposite message from what they intended.

You'll probably get it right away, but the airline was attempting to show their support for the gay pride movement by running an ad which said, “It doesn’t matter who you click with,” as seen in the tweet below:

So they're showing their support by... showing seat belt buckles that couldn't possibly “click” because they're the same? I hope they realize that these, um... non-traditional seat belts don't actually perform their function, which is to save lives! But as we all know, safety is secondary to tolerance.

I'm telling you now, though, that if I got into an airplane seat with two matching seat belts I would worry immensely about what other simple concepts had escaped their notice. I wouldn't even care if one of the seat belt buckles identified as the other kind of seat belt. I know this is very un-21st century of me, but I'll go with the “traditional” seat belts that actually perform the function their manufacturer intended. But maybe this airline doesn't even believe in a manufacturer.

And here's a question: Would a passenger who believed only in using seat belts that actually worked, be forced to sit in a seat with a non-clicking seat belt because insisting on traditional seat belts is viewed as hateful?

You see, here's the thing I think many forget nowadays—seat belts, like human beings, are created for a purpose. We ignore that at our own peril. And that is not hilarious.