I Saw the Mighty Macs

I saw the Mighty Macs this weekend, the story about the girl’s basketball team from the little Catholic school that won three national championships. It’s a great story and kinda’ cool for me because Immaculata College isn’t far from my home.

I saw it for free because I’m cool like that but I will tell you that I’ll be taking my kids to see it this weekend and am kinda’ pumped to do so. It’s G rated. And let’s face it, outside of Pixar there aren’t many good G-rated movies. It’s uplifting and fun. It’s not the Citizen Kane of sports movies or anything but it’s good solid family entertainment. It’s not going to change the world but if you miss being able to go to the movies with your kids and all of you enjoying the movie and maybe even cheering, this would be a good movie to take your kids to.

The movie has some of the cute nun scenes but never are the nuns portrayed as silly and there’s no snark which is nice. And one scene with Ellen Burstyn, who plays the Mother Superior, really shows the commitment the sisters have to helping people.

It’s a straightforward crowd pleaser that treats religious people as good well intentioned people. Like I said, I’ll be there with the kids this weekend. You should too.

Oh and one more thing. You’ve got to read this story about a rosary given to each of the members of the team. It’s at Practicing Catholic.