From Mister Universe to Coming Home to the Church, How to Be a Humble Person, and More Great Links!

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Dumbell Gym Weightlifting Photo
Dumbell Gym Weightlifting Photo (photo: Tito Edwards / Jill Rose from Pixabay / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

From Mister Universe to Coming Home to the Church, Wonderful Re-Conversion; Video – Matthew Archbold at Creative Minority Report +1

How To Be A Humble Person – Luke Brown at CatholicLink +1

To Receive Reproof – John Cuddeback, Ph.D., at Life Craft

The Healing Power of the Psalms – Paul Kucharski at Catholic Exchange

The Value of Good Spiritual Reading – R. P. Quadrupani, Barnabite, at Tan·Direction

When Did Christians First Start Making the Sign of the Cross? – Get Fed™

How To Capture Faith in a Photograph – Patricia Navas González at Aleteia

Rings of Power: Jeff Bezos’s Billion Dollar Anti-Tolkien Fan Fiction – Ben Reinhard at Crisis Magazine

Individualism and Socialism Versus The Family; Video – Edward Feser, Ph.D.

Pope Francis and the Paradox of the Council – Andrea Gagliarducci at Monday Vatican

Pontifical Academy of Life? – Fr. Z’s Blog

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