Fox to Air Show About Lucifer?

Comic books coming to television and movies are all the rage right now and raking in all sorts of money. But I'm thinking Fox may have taken the wrong lesson from that trend. They're announcing a new show about Lucifer based on a comic book. Yup. Ol' stick himself.

The show is being created by Tom Kapinos who made the show "Californication." The show is described as a "slice of life" drama about the Devil moving out of Hell and into Los Angeles. (Seems like a lateral move to me.) It'll be about a completely amoral character hob-nobbing with California elites so it'll essentially be exactly like "Californication." In fact, I watched one episode of Californication so I know a little bit about Hell.

In the DC comic book series, Lucifer was modeled after David Bowie and ran a piano bar. God isn't portrayed all that well (as if you couldn't guess.)

Here's the thing, the thing most people like about comic book characters is that for all their moral grayness, in the end they stand up against evil. I've read some people are comparing it to the comic turned television show Constantine. But in the end of that show every week, John Constantine, usually attempts to makes the right decision and tends to be willing to sacrifice himself for others. Gives the audience someone to root for.

Now, as Milton proved, it's perfectly believable that an artist could portray a story including Satan that could be interesting, engaging, and not blatantly anti-Christian. But I'm suspecting that's not what we're going to get from the creator of Californication which was criticized for attempting to use nuns for a sexual punch line.

Kapinos also attempted a spinoff of his cable show that would have featured "a Catholic wild child" who will "turn heads and add to the racy series with her love for sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll." She's also described as "an innocent young Catholic school girl... exposed to the evils of rock and roll and falls heads over heels in love with the music and the men who make it.”

Kapinos' first script that was sold in Hollywood was titled "Virgin Mary" and was described by Variety as "an edgy story about a 29-year-old virgin who forms a romantic attachment to a hitman."

So, my hopes aren't too high. Yours?