Christian Car Repairs

This video was posted by Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, along with this article reporting on an American enterprise that seeks to overtly integrate the company’s Christian faith into the operations of its business outlets.

“Christian Brothers Automotive, founded in Texas in the early 1980s, has just opened its 59th franchise in the recession-hit suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, as part of its plans to have 120 outlets across the United States,” Telegraph reports. “Most are currently based in the South’s Bible Belt, but the company is now expanding north.”

The Telegraph notes that the car repair company is a particularly successful example of a faith-based business:

There are Christian restaurants, gyms, real estate agencies, plumbers, removal companies, computer technicians, even rodent exterminators. If you like, you can dress in Christian apparel and check out where to shop in a multitude of Christian business directories.

But the fact that most people have experienced a garage overcharging or billing for work that was not necessary makes the Christian Brothers niche particularly attractive to the cash-strapped motorist craving value.

“The difference is, we’re not ripping everybody off,” said Andy Gibson, 45, a Christian Brothers mechanic. “I’ve been embarrassed to tell people I’m a car mechanic because of the bad press we get.

“I think God led me here. I’ve been looking and looking, and times are hard, but my wife saw the job on the Internet and just sent my résumé in, and it just worked out. It’s nice being in a shop where there’s not foul language [at] all. We don’t have that here. It’s real refreshing.”