Behind the Beauty of 'Bella'

Register Senior Writer Tim Drake has written a book about the making of the surprise 2007 pro-life hit movie, Bella.

Tim’s book, “Behind Bella: The Amazing Stories of ‘Bella’ and the Lives It’s Changed,” is published by Ignatius Press.

For Tim, the movie about a crisis pregnancy struck close to home.

“For me, [Bella] is a validation of my own life,” Tim told the Philadelphia Bulletin in this article about his book. “I was threatened with abortion in the womb.”

Continues the Bulletin article, “’Thankfully,’ Mr. Drake’s mother decided to carry her son to term and give him up for adoption. Ironically, ‘Bella’ is a pro-adoption film.”

Tim’s book chronicles the providential occurrences involved in the assembling of Bella’s production team and cast, in the making of the film and in its unexpected commercial success.

We’ve already reviewed Tim’s book favorably here in the Register. But don’t just take our word for it — here’s the Bulletin’s take:

“Metanoia, a Greek word meaning repentance, is the name of the film company that produced last year’s No. 1 rated movie, ‘Bella.’ The movie about a woman’s crisis pregnancy inspired conversions in many viewers nationwide as well as its actors, producers and those who helped promote the film. Tim Drake, acclaimed author and journalist, recently compiled these stories in a new book, ‘Behind Bella: The Amazing Stories of ‘Bella’ and the Lives It’s Changed.’”

So please give Tim’s new book a well-deserved read. Maybe it will change your life too!

Update: Just in, here is an interview with Carl Olson speaking to Tim about Behind Bella, posted today at the Ignatius Insight website.

— Tom McFeely