Abortion Clinic House of Horrors Leads to Murder Charges

Two Maryland abortionists have reportedly been charged with murder by a grand jury in the case where a police search of the clinic revealed a house of horrors where authorities discovered a freezer full of dead babies, the victims of late term abortions.

This, of course, is reminiscent of the Gosnell clinic in Philadelphia where police found babies crammed in jars.

In this case, police reportedly discovered a freezer with 35 late term unborn babies inside, including one believed to have been aborted at 36 weeks.

It’s believed that authorities were first turned on to investigating the clinic when, after botching a late term abortion on a young woman, the doctors, Steven Brigham and Nicola Irene Riley, simply dumped the woman at a local emergency room and were uncooperative and uncommunicative with medical staff there.

That incident kicked off the investigation which has now resulted in murder charges.

CBS reports:

Dr. Steven Brigham, of Voorhees, N.J., was arrested Wednesday night in New Jersey and was being held in the Camden County Jail on Thursday, police told The Cecil Whig newspaper.

Authorities also arrested Dr. Nicola Irene Riley, of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Wednesday night. Riley was being held in the Salt Lake City Jail. Both are awaiting an extradition hearing….

Brigham started the late-term abortions in New Jersey, where he wasn’t permitted to perform them, and finished them a day later in Maryland, where the law is more permissive, authorities said.

Police say Brigham faces five counts each of first- and second-degree murder. Riley is charged with one count each of first- and second-degree murder. Brigham and Riley each also face one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Anyone reading stories like this one or about Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic must wonder why abortionists keep dead babies in jars and freezers? Is it a worry about getting rid of the evidence of a late term abortion or is it something darker?

Maryland is one of 38 states with a law that allows murder charges against someone accused of killing a viable unborn baby. But since 2005, according to ABC News, the law has so far only been used for cases in which defendants were accused of assaulting or killing pregnant women.

“We are in uncharted territory,“Cecil County State’s Attorney Ellis Roberts told ABC. Indeed we are.

Updates to follow on the murder charges.