8 Movie Suggestions for Holy Week

From Silence to Les Miserables to Pinocchio, here are a few viewing suggestions for the end of the Lenten season.

(photo: Register Files)

If you’ve not given up movies and entertainment entirely for Lent, you might consider watching one more or more of these movies this Holy Week. Each of them passionately communicates the essence of the Christian message — and in some cases, the paschal mystery. Please add your favorite to the comments. May you be blessed and have a spiritually productive Holy Week.


1. Les Miserables

Victor Hugo’s masterpiece is a personal favorite. It might be my favorite Christian story of all time, and I explain, briefly, why right here. The transformation of Jean Valjean from “Nor forgive them, for what they've done, they are the guilty, everyone” to, “To love another person is to see the face of God” is a powerful message of conversion and mercy. Les Mis is the most successful play ever, really, and I like to think that because of its powerful Christian testimony ever transposed to film, book, or the stage. Such a success in film, you have several choices to watch.


2. Silence

The 2016 film by Martin Scorsese, controversial as it may be, deserves the audience of every one of the faithful. I’ve already written on this movie and how it relates to Lent. It’s a masterpiece, and some might believe it somehow promotes apostasy, but that’s an extremely shallow perspective. The movie exposes the not-so-pretty side of missionary work, and yes, the failure of some of those efforts. For me, it reminds me of the special price that’s been paid for my faith and also the reality that there is still much work to be done to carry the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.


3. Pinocchio

I know, this sounds silly, and I can’t take credit for this idea. Fr. Mike Schmitz tell us why this is his favorite theatrical rendition of the Christian message:


4. Ben Hur

The newest version of Ben Hur is absolutely stunning and make no mistake: it’s a Christian film through and through. Royalty betrayed receives the chance to get revenge—is there anything more compelling? Ben Hur features the crucifixion and constant reference to Christian virtue. See it, now.


5. The Prince of Egypt

For those with children at home, this is your ticket to an excellent Holy Week. An absolutely thrilling musical, get this movie (it’s on Netflix right now) and get your kids some snacks. They. Will. Love. It. And you will as well.


6. Bruce Almighty/Evan Almighty

These are playful favorites. More than likely, you’ve seen them. Bruce Almighty stars Jim Carrey who doubts God and is then given all of God’s powers, realizing God has a huge role in keeping the world together, and perhaps more importantly, that Bruce does not have all the world’s answers. His dependence on God deepens. Evan Almighty is a sequel of sorts, starring Steve Carell who receives a Noah-type mission to build an Arc, which sounds ridiculous—Evan agrees—which makes for a great and humorous story of faith. 


7. Honorable Mentions:

The Mission, The Apostle, End of the Spear, The Gospel of John, The Nativity Story, Full of Grace The Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings, The Son of God. Add yours in the comments.


8. Passion of the Christ

Not much can be added to this. The score, the makeup, the acting, the cinematography, have created an outstanding work of artistry, and more directly, a truly bitter and jubilant portrayal of the paschal mystery. Just see it. I know, it’s hard. I’ve not dared to see it in a number of years—it hurts—but Holy Week is an appropriate time the resurrect the film once more.