2 Seminarians Teaching Latin Chant On YouTube, Pray To St. Joseph For Protection From Evil And More!

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Christ Within Us – Carol Monaco at Catholic Stand

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Viktor Orbán, Defender of the Faith – Fr. Benedict Kiely at Crisis Magazine

Memento Mori: Facing Death as a Fount of Life – Haley Stewart at Church Life Journal

Pro-Life, Pro-Mother – Allison Auth at Crisis Magazine

Loving Our Neighbor Begins in Our Hearts – Jeannie Ewing at Catholic Exchange

Christianity Isn’t Just Another ‘Lifestyle Choice’ – Auguste Meyrat at Crisis Magazine

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Ivan Aivazovsky, “Walking on Water,” ca. 1890

10 Scripture Verses to Strengthen You in Hardship

“The witness of Scripture is unanimous that the solicitude of divine providence is concrete and immediate; God cares for all, from the least things to the great events of the world and its history. The sacred books powerfully affirm God's absolute sovereignty over the course of events …” (CCC 303)