There is more evidence regarding who the Beast of Revelation is than I could fit in the first video I did on the subject, so in this video I pick up where I left off and reveal new and surprising facts--things most people have never heard of--that point to who the Beast is.

Previously, we saw that the Beast:

  • Has great Political Authority
  • Claims Divine Honors
  • Attacks the Saints
  • Has Seven Heads, which we are told represent Seven Hills and Seven Kings
  • Has the number 666 (or 616)


We are also told, in the first and last chapter of Revelation that it discloses

  • “what must soon take place”


Using this information, we concluded that there is a significant case to be made that the Beast is associated, in different ways, with:

  1. The Roman Empire

  2. The Pagan City of Rome

  3. The line of 1st century Roman Emperors

  4. And, in a special way, Nero Ceasar


To review that evidence for yourself, check out Part 1 of the discussion.

Here is a link to Part 1 in case you haven't seen it.

And now, here is Part 2!

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