I can’t bear the thought that perhaps some of you have not yet seen this American Idol video clip.

After last year’s vulgar displays during the season finale and with the recent news that Ellen DeGeneres is going to be the newest judge on the popular television show this season, I figured American Idol was becoming more than this Catholic mom could stomach.

But Maddy Curtis has me re-thinking the decision not to watch this year.

Maddy is the 16-year-old daughter of mega-mom and pro-life blogger Barbara Curtis of MommyLife.net. As you can see in the video, Maddy has a terrific voice, and—even more importantly—the famously critical Simon Cowell pronounces her “not annoying.”

But this young lady is so much more than “not annoying.” In the interview and audition that aired on national television last week, Maddy comes across as poised, mature, intelligent, and thoughtful.

As the ninth of the Curtises twelve children and sister to adoptive brothers with Down syndrome, Maddy’s profile is sure to stand out to American television viewers. About her brothers’ disabilities, she says, “They see the world in color; we need more to see the world that way.”

Yes, we do. And, with over 4,000 Facebook fans so far, Maddy is helping many people do that with her positive, pro-life, pro-family message.