Why Every Christian Should Exercise Regularly, Motherhood can be a Means of Redemption and More!

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Six Reasons Every Christian Should Exercise Regularly by Rachel Lu of ChurchPOP - BigPulpit.com

Pope Francis Creates a New Sui Juris Church in Eritrea – Gregory DiPippo, The New Liturgical Movement

Motherhood’s Trials: A Means of Redemption – Suzan Sammons, One Peter 5

Women in the Liturgy; Women in the Church – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Russian Orthodox Jihad via The XX Committee - BigPulpit.com

Do the Eastern Orthodox Have a Doctrine of Development? – Taylor Marshall PhD

In Ukraine, Unity Must Begin with the Orthodox, Says Catholic Archbishop – Michael J. Miller, The CWR Blog

Who Invented the Horrible Idea of Women as Breeders? – Ulrich L. Lehner, First Things

Pope Francis Surprised by Misunderstanding of His Words on Family - Catholic News Agency

Then-Cardinal Bergoglio: Interviews are Not My Forte - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Russian Orthodox Slam U. N. Children’s Fund for Promoting Homosexuality – Stefano Gennarini JD, Catholic Lane

Art Review: The Abstract Revolution Inspired by Orthodox Icons – Will Gore, Catholic Herald

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