To Parents: Keep Reading Out Loud to Your Growing Children, Catholic Social Thought and Much More!

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To Parents: Keep Reading Out Loud to Your Growing Children by Mark Bauerlein of First Things -

A Religious Order for Women With and Without Downs Syndrome – Donna Sue Berry, Regina Magazine

Epic Book Giveaway: Overcoming Sinful Anger - Epic Pew (ends January 29)

The E.L.C.A. and Abortion – JoAnna Wahlund, Catholic Stand

The Latest Debate Over Catholic Social Thought – Gerald J. Russello, Crisis Magazine

The Supreme Court, Marriage, and the Catholic Church -

Pope Francis: Every Threat to the Family Is a Threat to Society Itself" - The CWR Blog

The Travesty of Two Daddies – Misty, Catholic Lane

Loaded Language on “Marriage” Heads to the United States Supreme Court – Ryan Mayer, Catholic Vote

Catholic Primer on Cognitive-Behavioral Model of Psychological Distress – Matthew Breuninger, Psyched Catholic

My Thoughts on Pope Francis and Breeding Like Rabbits – Taylor Marshall PhD

The Case for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – Joe Kral, Truth and Charity Forum

Alex Malarkey and Colton Burpo Claimed to Visit Heaven, Only One Story True – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

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