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U.S. Bishops Vote on Pro-Abortion Politicians (June 19)

The U.S. Bishops met in a virtual assembly this week. The center of debate was “Eucharistic coherence” — how to respond to declining belief in the Eucharist on one hand and how to handle Catholics in public life like President Biden who promote abortion and transgenderism in laws contrary to what the Church teaches. Register Washington Correspondent Lauretta Brown covered the conference and gives us a wrap on Register Radio. Also, the Supreme Court just decided unanimously that the City of Philadelphia can’t force Catholic foster care agencies to place children in same-sex households. EWTN News legal analyst Andrea Picciotti-Bayer provides an overview.

The dome of the Maine State House (left), Father John Bapst in 1863 (center) and the U.S. Supreme Court Building

The History Behind the Next Landmark School Choice Case

The state of Maine operates a tuition assistance program to help families pay for public or private schools, but religious schools have been excluded for more than 40 years. The case may soon head to the Supreme Court.