The Theology of Science-Fiction: End-Times; Pope Francis: Children Need Parents and More!

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The Theology of Science-Fiction: End-Times by Bob Kurland of Catholic Stand - Big Pulpit

Pope Francis: Children Have a ‘Right’ to a Mother and Father - Paul Kengor PhD, Crisis Magazine

Epic Quiz: How Can You Grow in Your Faith This Summer? – Chloe Mooradian, Epic Pew

Patriarch Condemns ‘Death of the World’s Conscience’ Over Syria – Catholic Herald Magazine

The Prayer of the Faithful at Mass and Why the Intentions Are Poor by Monsignor Charles Pope - Big Pulpit

How the Beauty of Creation Can Lead a Soul to God - Philip Kosloski, Put on Armor of God

Saint Zoe and the Altar of Worldly Comfort – Theresa Williams, Ignitum Today

The Book Which Will Help You to Resist the Devil – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald Magazine

Conspiracies & Catholicism: Miracles – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

Painting Catholicism with a Fascist Brush – Paul E. Gottfried, Crisis Magazine

800 Years of Magna Carta – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Youth Ministry Today: Its Strengths and Limitations - Bill Maguire, The CWR Blog

Cardinal Pell’s Lawyer Demands Retraction of ‘False Allegations’ – David V. Barrett, Catholic Herald Magazine

Value of Children: Economics, Faith, and Problem of Underpopulation – Eric Teetsel & Andre T. Walker

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