Practical Tips for Discerning God's Will, The New Evangelization Begins With Us and Much More!

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Three Practical Tips for Discerning God’s Will by Philip Kosloski of Put on the Armor of God - Big Pulpit

The New Evangelization Begins With Us – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

Conspiracies and Catholicism: Saints – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

An Alternative to Catholic Sexual Ethics? – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Evangelium Vitae: False Freedom at the Root of Abortion – Stephanie Pacheco, Truth and Charity Forum

The Opening of the Catholic Mind – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Has Christianity Failed in India?: Some Want You to Believe So – Philip Jenkins PhD, Aleteia∝

Why Should We Sing the Psalms at Mass? – Richard J. Clark, Views from the Choir Loft

The Landscapes of John Constable – David Clayton, By Way of Beauty

How St. John of the Cross’s Papers Survived the Spanish Civil War – Meghan Ferrara, Aleteia∝

Seeking Solidarity: We Are All Refugees – Dawn Carpenter, Zenit

You Could Read Bible Twice in Time It Takes to Read Game of Thrones – Sarah Pulliam Bailey

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