Media Watch

Germany Now Predominantly Catholic

RELIGION TODAY, Feb. 4—Citing numbers provided by the German Evangelical Alliance, the Protestant-run online news service reported that Catholics now outnumber Protestants in the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation.

The Alliance said there were 27.15 million Catholics and 27.12 million Protestants living in Germany in late 1998. The two churches had

27.38 million members each in 1997.

Protestants outnumbered Catholics almost by a 2-to-1 ratio in 1950. Protestants and Catholics together make up about two-thirds of Germany's population of 82 million.

‘Gay Pride’ Parade to Roll through Rome

THE UNIVERSE, Feb. 6—The Diocese of Rome will not intervene to prevent the city from hosting a weeklong international meeting of homosexuals and lesbians in July, the British weekly reported.

According to The Universe, discussions with Church officials in January did not sway city officials from their resolve to host and fund the event, which will include a flamboyant parade through city streets. Rome Mayor Francesco Rutelli defended the city's decision on grounds of free expression.

Rutelli said police and city officials would work with organizers of World Pride 2000 to ensure “maximum respect for and no intrusion into the religious events of the Jubilee.”