ISIS, Assad, and What the West Is Missing About Syria, The Dignity of Men, and Much More!

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ISIS, Assad, and What the West Is Missing About Syria by Alessandra Nucci of Catholic World Report -

Why Was the Pope Silent on the Armenian Genocide? – Robert Cheaib, Zenit

National Relations Labor Board and the Lost Soul of U. S. Catholic Higher Education – The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

The Dignity of Men – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

In Defense of the Immaculate Conception: Part 6 – Nick Hardesty, Catholic Stand

On the Restoration of Chartres Cathedral – Lucas Viar, New Liturgical Movement

The Enemy’s Tactic #3: Daily Pinpricks – Philip Kosloski

Dad Forced Abortion, I Forgave Him, He Wasn’t Sorry – Theresa Bonopartis, Aleteia∝

Ukraine Catholics Being Driven Underground – Jonathan Luxmoore, Catholic Herald

Lithuanian Archbishop Fears Russia Will Attack the Baltic States – Catholic Herald

Who Is Pope Francis? Interview with Austin Ivereigh - Kathryn Jean Lopez

The Arab World’s Vanishing Christians - Christian C. Sahner, Project Syndicate

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