Flying to Chile, Pope Francis Gives Nagasaki ‘Fruits of War’ Photo to Journalists

The Holy Father provided the photo, of a boy carrying his brother’s body to a crematorium, to illustrate his concerns regarding war and the use of nuclear weapons.

Pope Francis departs Rome for Santiago,Chile, on Jan. 15.
Pope Francis departs Rome for Santiago,Chile, on Jan. 15. (photo: Vatican Media)

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — En route from Italy to Chile on Monday, Pope Francis told journalists of his concerns about war, and especially the use of nuclear weapons, giving each of them a photo of a child in Nagasaki.

On the back of the photo is printed “the fruits of war,” and it is signed by Pope Francis.

“I was moved when I saw this photo, and I dared to write only ‘the fruits of war.’ I thought of printing it to distribute it because it is more moving than 1,000 words,” the Pope told journalists Jan. 15.

The photo is of a boy carrying the body of his brother while in line at a crematorium in Nagasaki in the wake of the Aug. 9, 1945, atomic bombing of the city by the U.S.

Pope Francis made his remarks at the beginning of the nearly 16-hour flight.

He also noted that he studied in Chile for a year and knows the country well. He will also be visiting Peru, where he has visited two or three times earlier.

The Pope will be in Chile through Jan. 18, visiting Santiago, Temuco, and Iquique. He will have lunch with the Mapuche residents of the Araucania region, and visit the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

From Chile he will go to Peru, visiting Lima, Puerto Maldonado, and Trujillo. He will meet with indigenous Amazonians and pray before the relics of Peruvian saints before returning to Rome Jan. 22.