TV Picks Oct. 7-13, 2007

All times Eastern

SUNDAY, 8 p.m.

Nature: Andes: The Dragon’s Back

PBS South America’s jagged Andes Mountains stretch 5,000 miles from the Amazon rain forest down to the Antarctic Ocean. They are home to glaciers, fjords, cloud forests and high deserts, and their wildlife denizens include condors, pumas, tiny pudu deer, tree-dwelling spectacled bears, and desert flamingos and penguins. A re-air.

MONDAY-FRIDAY, 3 a.m., 6:30 p.m. daily

Will You Be Left Behind?

EWTN In installments each day this week, Carl Olson and Thomas Curran explain Catholic doctrine about Christ’s Second Coming, the Church and the Kingdom of God, and expose the theological fallacies behind the Protestant errors of premillennial dispensationalism and “the Rapture.”

TUESDAY, 8 p.m.

Nova: Secrets of the Samurai Sword

PBS This new show follows 15 Japanese craftsmen through their six months of making a katana (samurai sword). Michael Notis explains the metallurgical principles behind the razor-sharp sword’s strength and beauty, and father-daughter team Fumon and Midori Tanaka demonstrate their amazing skills with sword and bow and arrow.


Lost Worlds: Lost Superpower of the Bible

HISTORY CHANNEL This show delves into the history of the Hittites, uses computer graphics to re-create their world and asks experts about the Hittites’ sudden demise.

THURSDAY, 8 p.m., live

Life on the Rock

EWTN The topic of Father Francis Mary’s guest, Immaculee Ilibagiza, is, “Finding God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust.” In 1994, she and seven other women survived the genocide in Rwanda only by hiding for 91 days in the bathroom of a pastor’s house. Her Left to Tell Charitable Foundation has raised more than $150,000 for Rwandan orphans, and Ilibagiza strives to help others overcome the traumas of war and mass murder.

FRIDAY, 6 a.m.

Classroom: Veterans Day / Labor Day

HISTORY CHANNEL Learn the history behind these American holidays.

SATURDAY, 3:30 p.m.

Boston College at Notre Dame

NBC The Boston College Eagles meet the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., in a battle of Catholic college football powerhouses.

SATURDAY, 10:30 p.m.

Santa Fe Trail

FAMILYLAND TV Hollywood luminaries such as future President Ronald Reagan, Olivia de Havilland, Errol Flynn and Raymond Massey starred in this 1940 action film about the abolitionist crusade of John Brown of Osawatomie and the young West Point graduates who ended his seizure of the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, present-day West Va., in 1859.

Dan Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.

Cistercian Father Thomas Esposito says of discerning one’s college choice, ‘There has to be something that tugs at you and makes you want to investigate it further. And then the personal encounter comes in the form of a visit or a chat with a student or alumnus who communicates with the same enthusiasm or energy about the place. And then that love of a place can be a seed which germinates in your own heart through prayer.’

Choose a College With a Discerning Mind and Heart

Cistercian Father Thomas Esposito, assistant professor of theology at the University of Dallas (UD) and subprior (and former vocations director) of the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Dallas, drew from his experience as both a student and now monastic religious to help those discerning understand the parallels between religious and college discernment.