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Thomas’ Promises

Christopher Wolfe co-directs the Ralph McInerny Center for Thomistic Studies at Notre Dame. But now he is setting off on a new venture: starting a college that will give students a “unified, integrated conception of reality” based on the scholarship of Thomas Aquinas. By Monta Hernon.

How We Die Today

With more efforts to legalize assisted suicide, and more and more questions about treatment of the dying in hospice care, the Register, in a new investigative series, looks at how people in the right-to-die/euthanasia movement have influenced the training of people in hospice and end-of-life care.

Ark of the Great Pole’s Covenant

Anticipating the 29th anniversary of Archbishop Karol Wojtyla’s election to the See of St. Peter on Oct. 16, a visit to a place in which he made pre-papacy history by standing up to, and slowly but surely defeating, communist suppression: The Church of Our Lady, Queen of Poland in Krakow’s Nowa Huta district. By John W. Davis.