Your Phone; Our Troops

I prepared this a week ahead of time, because I will be on a retreat when this goes to press — attending a retreat, not giving one. In these days of silence, I will pray for all those who are touched by the Register, and ask you to keep me and my brother priests in your prayers, too.

But I could prepare this ahead of time because this week, the publisher’s note consists of a request and a “Thank you.”

First, the request.

When I got into the newspaper business almost 10 years ago, I expected it to be difficult. But the expense and difficulty of putting out a weekly newspaper was even greater than I anticipated.

To meet the Register’s bills, I will use, in charity, whatever development means are effective. That means that in the week this appears, we will start our Annual Fund Drive phone-a-thon. When you read this, some of you will have already heard from one of our development associates.

Please take this time to prayerfully consider making your annual gift to the Register.

Every week we bring you news that cannot be found in the secular media, and we bring it to you without the distortion that is so common in today’s secular sources. We need your help to continue to do this with the quality you have come to expect.

Second, the “Thank you.”

Through the generosity of and Register readers, we have been able to provide the Register’s Guide to the Rosary to many of our military personnel overseas.

Our troops greatly appreciate the Rosary booklets. U.S. Military Services Archbishop Edwin O’Brien has personally recommended it to our troops, even suggesting they use it as a way to share the faith with Protestant friends.

We never expected to be able to offer this service. The Holy Spirit has seen fit to use the Register to reach the very people whose sacrifices impress us every Memorial Day.

It is only because of our readers’ generosity that we have been able to do that. Thank you.