Trampled Underfoot

In your Weekly Video Picks of June 20-26, the recommendation of Seabiscuit acknowl-edged flaws while promoting it as a good story. I would like your permission to expand on the “content advisory” for that movie.

Yes, there is profanity, but the gratuitous abuse of the name of Christ caused my husband and me to walk out of the theater. My thought is this: There are only 10 commandments, and one of them is not taking God's name in vain. Surely, that doesn't mean that it is okay to listen to others use his name in vain — or, worse still, to pay to hear his name abused.

Another misleading suggestion is that the movie is “adult viewing.” This seems to say that the Second Commandment doesn't apply to adults or is not relative once you become an adult.

The entertainment industry has worked diligently to condition us to accept disrespect for God's holy name. We should work even more diligently to stop them. The more his name is dishonored, the more we must go out of our way to honor it. Blessed be God; blessed be his holy name.


Jacksonville, Florida