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Regarding “Anti-Catholic Films Meet Their Match” (Aug. 8-14):

I could not disagree more firmly with the recent list of anti-Catholic films chosen by various authors. The movie The Godfather not only wasn't the No. 1 anti-Catholic movie, but it didn't even make your list.

The title of the movie is, in fact, an insult to Catholics because of the violent nature of the movie. One scene that exemplifies my point is during the baptism of Michael's child. As a priest performs the sacred ritual, the scene changes to a person being murdered, as ordered by Michael. “Do you reject Satan?” A shotgun blast. “In the name of the Father.” Someone else killed. “And the Son.” Another murder. “And the Holy Ghost.” Yet another killing.

How could a person write a scene that would be any more anti-Catholic than that?


Woonsocket, Rhode Island