Papal Inspiration

Publisher's Note

Late last month, I was blessed to be in Rome for the pallium ceremony that takes place every year on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul.
I also had the great privilege of being able to speak with Pope Benedict following his weekly audience on June 27. I conveyed to the Pope the greetings of EWTN’s employees and our gratitude for the opportunity to be of service to him and the Church. He was very gracious and asked that I extend his greeting and blessing to Mother Angelica and to all of you who assist us in our mission.
The Holy Father also shared that he is well aware of the work of EWTN around the world and said, “I am very grateful to you and your collaborators for spreading the Gospel to the world. Your work is very important to the New Evangelization, and I personally thank you for what you are doing. Please continue your great work.”
I want to echo the Holy Father’s encouraging words and reiterate how grateful we at the Register are for your faithful prayer and financial support.
God bless you!

Representing the Holy Spirit that descended “like a dove” and hovered over Jesus when he was baptized.

Bishop Burbidge: The Pandemic is Our ‘Pentecost Moment’

This “21st century Pentecost moment” brought on by the pandemic, Bishop Michael Burbidge said, has underscored the need for good communication in the Church across all forms of media, in order to invite people into the fullness of the Gospel.