Of the True Presence, Timely Topics and Tragic Losses

Letters 10.09.22

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo: NCRegister.com)

Overwhelming Evidence

According to the latest polls, the majority of Catholics no longer believe in the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. This, even though 2,000 years of Church teaching have affirmed it and, most importantly, Jesus’ own words unequivocally tell us that the consecrated bread and wine are actually his own Body and Blood (John 6). While I am aware that the USCCB will be commencing a Eucharistic Revival to reinforce this most important doctrine, I feel that they need to highlight and emphasize an area many Catholics are unaware of; and that is the topic of Church-approved Eucharistic miracles. Today, many Catholics have lost faith and belief in miraculous occurrences and now feel that everything must be proven intellectually and even scientifically. For those who doubt these supernatural events, the Church should make known the findings of secular labs that have examined the tissue samples of miraculous Hosts. And that is, each specimen tested, whether they be months, years, decades or even centuries old, all show the same identical findings. Each sample is identified as human tissue with the blood type AB, a classification of blood prevalent in the area where Jesus lived.

Also, each sample shows it to be a living section of a human heart (myocardial tissue), with traces of white blood cells, which normally expire mere hours after death. In addition, all the specimens show signs of extreme trauma one would expect to find as the result of an extreme beating. And as an aside, the AB blood type matches the samples taken from the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth believed to be the one used to wrap Jesus’ body in the tomb.

Those who no longer believe in the True Presence are probably not going to change their beliefs, or lack thereof, solely based on what they experience during this Eucharistic Revival. They will only be convinced when they are shown overwhelming scientific evidence of these miraculous events that even they can’t deny.

Terry Dawson

St. Petersburg, Florida

Reader Compliments

Editor’s Note: These comments came to the Register via phone recently from readers:

“These wonderful stories of saints and all the travel stories are really beautiful, and thank you for all of that.”

“I enjoy the back-and-forth ‘discussions’ of current moral topics.”

“Blessings to EWTN. What would I do without the paper?”

Incomprehensible Loss

What about the children of the children of the children, ad infinitum, who were never conceived because their would-be parents were killed off by abortion? The loss to the world and mankind is so staggering that it borders on the incomprehensible.

Have we killed off another Albert Einstein, another George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, another Mother Teresa, another Pope John Paul, perhaps even the would-be inventor of the perpetual-motion machine — all in the name of “health care”? Sadly, we’ll never know.

Jack Wolock

Worthington, Ohio