Governing God

I am writing to disagree with the editorial “When Only God Is Censored” (July 11-17), which argues that the stripping of religious symbols from the public square intrudes on the rights of Christians to worship.

Take the 10 Commandments displayed in the Alabama state courthouse by Judge Roy Moore. This display is an endorsement of not only monotheism, but specifically Judeo-Christianity. One does not need this government endorsement in order to worship in their beliefs. Hindus don't need a display of Vishnu in a courthouse to practice their beliefs. The government shouldn't be advocating for a certain god or certain beliefs.

That should only be between a person and his god, if he or she has a god.

Second, your editorial stated that “religion is key because America is a system of self-government.” One doesn't need to be religious to be moral or a good citizen. One can be an atheist and be moral; one can be an atheist and be immoral. One can be a Christian and be moral or immoral. What is necessary in a system of self-government is that people respect the rights of others.


West Milwaukee, Wisconsin