Where the Boys Are

New York-area boys are flocking to a Long Island Catholic school that adheres to strong discipline and Church teachings.

And Chaminade High School is unapologetically Catholic: All students must have a baptismal certificate to register.

The New York Times reported Sept. 26 that more than 1,600 boys last year applied for places in Chaminade’s 425-member freshman class.

The school was founded in 1930 by the Marianist order and Marianist priests and brothers continue to teach there.

Chaminade’s daily regimen features prayers in the morning and before each class, and a tough four-year academic program.

Classes feature a strong element of Church teachings. Latin teacher Brother John McGrory gives out assignments requiring students to read ecclesiastical prayers and Roman discourses on virtue in Latin.

Said Brother McGrory, “Whether you’re teaching religion or math, science or history, you’re teaching Catholicism.”

Boys appear to welcome Chaminade’s strong faith and high standards.

Freshman student Dominic DaRocha was punished for having excessively long hair with an hour of daily clean-up chores for one week.

“I thought I kind of deserved it,” Dominic told the Times. “I know it’s a good school, and that’s all that really matters.”

— Tom McFeely