What Planned Parenthood Needs

As if Valentine's Day weren't upsetting enough, Planned Parenthood's president, Cecile Richards, has launched a Twitter campaign to let the world know "What Women Need."  You're supposed to take a picture or video of yourself holding a placard with a heart, and fill in the heart to explain "What Women Need."  Here is a screenshot of the vine (super-short video) that Richards is circulating on social media:

Wow, who would've thunk it?  "What Women Need" happens to be the very thing that keeps Planned Parenthood in business. 

Oh, no, Simcha!  Abortion only accounts for 3% of Planned Parenthood's services! 

Yuh-huh.  That is an adorable game with numbers that any two bit accountant (even one who works for the ultra-liberal Slate magazine) could dismantle before they've even had their morning coffee.  In 2011, Planned Parenthood performed 334,000 abortions.  They gave prenatal care to 28,674 women, and adoption referrals for 2,300 women.  So you tell me where their moneymaker is.  This isn't about What Women Need.  It's about What Planned Parenthood Needs to stay afloat.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers depend on persuading women that they can't live without abortion.  They want us to feel like fluttering, helpless ninnies who simply don't know what to do when our bodies function normally.  Well, here's a news flash, Cecile. What women need is peace in the womb.  All of the money you rake in could help us with that; but it's not terribly profitable, is it?

Ladies, we don't have to let this corporate golddigger speak for us.  Got a printer (or a piece of paper and a marker) and a camera?  New Wave Feminists is having fun sharing photos on its Facebook page featuring women who -- again who would've thunk it -- can imagine a world where women somehow survive and thrive without paying someone to burrow into their uteruses to suck, slash, and burn their babies out (and occasionally letting them die after they perforate their uteruses).  Let's remind the world that women need something better than abortion, abortion, and more abortion.

Women need hope. Women need protection. Women need to hear that we are not weak and stupid -- that we are strong and resilient enough to understand that, with a little support, an unplanned pregnancy is not going to ruin us forever. 

Strong, independent women who respect the integrity of their own bodies?  That's definitely not #WhatPlannedParenthoodNeeds.

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