Some Trads Walk Into A Gay Bar

It almost sounds like a joke. So these traditional Catholics walk into a gay bar...


At the southern-most tip of France, between Marseille and Cannes, you will find the city of Toulon. Just meters away from the Mediterranean, you will find Eglise Saint François de Paule run by the Divine Mercy Missionaries. Eglise Saint François de Paule is located in a part of the city that has long been a mecca for the gay community. In fact, right next door to the Church was the Texas Bar, a famous gay bar.

The Divine Mercy Missionaries had several times tried to buy the bar and close it down, to no avail. But recently the bar went bankrupt and the building went to auction during liquidation.

So a bunch of these Divine Mercy Missionaries walked into a gay bar. They were armed with a 15k Euro donation from a priest in the diocese and many prayers. Some others at the auction were prepared to offer more money than these religious, but when they saw them praying there, they decided not to outbid them.

But they weren't there just to buy the building to prevent it being re-opened as a gay bar, but they actually want to use it to evangelize the community including its gay members. They have decidedly not embraced the nod-nod wink-wink "God bless Ya" acceptance of the gay lifestyle so prevalent in the Church today. No, not them.

In a statement released on their website they proudly proclaim, “You will understand the importance of this place for our evangelization in the area. So the Sodom bar will become the pub of Mercy.”

They are that type of old-school Catholics who actually care about the souls of those caught up in the gay lifestyle. You know, what we used to call mercy but is now often demeaned as judgmental.