Set A Date For The Family To Watch This Movie, A Curious Feature in Reformed Lectionary, and More!

The Best In Catholic Blogging

Set a Date for the Family – Watch this Movie – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith +1

“Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth” : A Curious Feature in the Reformed Lectionary – Matthew Hazell at New Liturgical Movement +1

Living Authentic Manhood – Off the Shelf with Sam Guzman – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand

Protect Your Family While Traveling With This Prayer To St. Christopher – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Homosexuality & Catholic Decline – David Carlin at The Catholic Thing

More Fresh Hell From Beyond The ‘Limes’: The Land Of Karl Rahner & Walter Kasper & Really Bad Ideas – Fr. Z's Blog

Manners Over Morals? – Nicholas Senz at The Catholic Thing

The Night Prayer of the Church as a Rehearsal for Death – Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission

The Hazards of Online Faith-Writing – Amy Welborn at Church Life Journal

The Nine Lives Of Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò – Christopher R. Altieri at The Catholic World Report

There Are More Elderly Homeless People Than Ever Before – Shannon Roberts at Mercatornet

Best Practices in Evangelization = Unintended Lesson in Homelessness – Jennifer Fitz at Sticking the Corners

Obedience – Loving Oblation or Outmoded Virtue from a Bygone Era? – Vicki Burbach at Pelican’s Breast

The Catechism, A Study in the Word – Richard Van Kirk at Catholic Stand

What is Eucharistic Love? – Brother Elijah Dubek, O.P., at Catholic Exchange

Under Assault: New York’s Private & (Catholic) Parochial Schools – Peter Murphy at City Journal

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