Reel Faith! 60 sec reviews! Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Loving and more!

Reel Faith returns for the holiday mini-season, plus what David DiCerto and I thought of Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Loving, Trolls, Doctor Strange and Greater, all in 60 seconds.

(photo: Register Files)

“Reel Faith” is back for the 2016 holiday mini-season! Episode 2 airs tonight; if you missed last week’s one-hour special, there will be encore airings throughout the month. (Check the website for details, but I know it’s airing on December 9th at 8pm, for instance. See also when and where to watch.)

Being a deacon, a film critic and a part-time TV show host on top of a husband and father with a full-time non-film 9 to 5 turns out to be … harder than I thought. (Who’d’a thunk?) But also more rewarding! I wouldn’t give up any of it! Well, except the lack of sleep.

I definitely wouldn’t give up the 60 second reviews! They’re a lot of fun. Here’s the latest batch!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them (SDG)

It’s the Star Wars prequels for Harry Potter. Actually, it made me wish I was watching Doctor Strange again. (Read my full review.)

Arrival (SDG)

I try never to spoil anything, but honestly, just skip my review and go see it. I mean, then come back and watch my review, of course. (Read my full review.)

Loving (SDG)

So much better and more satisfying than the courtroom drama it could have been.

Trolls (DD)

According to David, if you get roped into this one, it could be worse.

Doctor Strange (DD)

You have seen this in 3-D, right? (Get a second opinion from my full review.)

Greater (DD)

This fact-based and faith-based football story is better than you think it’s going to be. (Get a second opinion from my full review.)