Pope's Birmingham Oratory Visit Photos

Some uplifting photos here of the Holy Father’s private visit to the Birmingham Oratory Sept. 19 after he beatified Blessed John Henry Newman. The photographs were taken by L’Osservatore Romano but not seen elsewhere.

Particularly appealing, I thought, are the ones of Benedict XVI in Cardinal Newman’s library (p14) - the Holy Father’s delight is written all over his face.

The provost of the Oratory, Fr. Richard Duffield, who acted as the Pope’s guide during the visit, told me soon after the Pope had gone that the Holy Father enjoyed looking through some of Blessed John Henry’s books and papers. “He told us that he wished he had more time to spend in the library,” he said, adding that the Oratorians gave him one of Cardinal Newman’s rosaries.

H/T Catholic Culture / New Liturgical Movement

The pictures can be ordered here.