New Medicare-for-All Bill Includes Free Abortion

This is not a fringe bill. This is the future.

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Surprise, surprise. The latest bill that has become a popular banner for many Democrat presidential candidates to march under, including Senators Bernie Sanders Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, is the Medicare-for-all bill. The bill would essentially abolish private insurance in the name of everyone being equal. Equally miserable. But as is always the case, some are more equal than others. Babies in the womb are unsurprisingly much less equal.

In fact, Medicare for all would include "free" abortions. The Politico:

Free coverage of “comprehensive reproductive, maternity, and newborn care” is included in the House and Senate bills. Though the word "abortion" does not appear anywhere in the text, its authors have confirmed that it's covered. The bill also notes that restrictions on federal funding for reproductive health services — namely, the Hyde Amendment’s longstanding ban on federal funding for abortion — would not apply to the new Medicare for All Trust Fund.
The bill does not address any limit on when in a pregnancy an abortion could occur, but it does leaves room for restrictions by noting that the HHS secretary can determine what services are “medically necessary or appropriate." (The Supreme Court has upheld restrictions after fetal viability.)

Just so we’re clear, “free” means you’re paying for abortion. The bill also requires that all services be provided which will likely mean that conscience protections for pro-life doctors will be out the window. Catholic hospitals beware.

So not only will we have to pay for the killing of the unborn, if you’re in the healthcare field you may be required to actually take part in killing the unborn. So, ironically, they would be eliminating an actual “right to choose.”

This is not a fringe bill. This is the future. This is the banner the Democrat Party has chosen to march under. These are the same people who all voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Bill. The candidates supporting this bill could end up being president and will push this anti-life, anti-conscience agenda. God help us all.

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