New Book Sheds More Light on Recent Approved Apparitions

Little-known, approved apparitions less than a quarter-century old, including major ones by St. Joseph and references to Fatima, are brought to light now by brand new book.

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The Three Hearts — Church Approved Apparitions from the Amazon Jungle by Mark Miravalle

Faith and Family Publications, 2017


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Fresh off the presses and released on Oct. 13 is The Three Hearts — Church Approved Apparitions from the Amazon Jungle, a perfectly-timed work about the apparitions in Itapiranga, Brazil that began in 1994, and whose many messages are meant for the world at large — a world whose sinfulness is frantically spinning out of control, begging for divine chastisement.

Mariology expert and author Mark Miravalle doesn’t simply glean some of the messages for us. He went right to the seer himself, Edson Glauber, asking him “to select what he considered to be the ‘heart’ of the message of Itapiranga.” Edson, as he is best known, did so, giving Miravalle a collection of messages from 1994 through 1997, plus a number from 2001.

Although there were many messages over the years, this book concentrates on those centering upon and highlighting the major themes. It’s very clear that if we listen to them and put them into practice, we’ll please heaven and save our souls as well as the souls of so many now hovering on the brink of eternal destruction.

Fatima not only plays into these messages time after time, but none other than our Blessed Mother directs our attention there on more than one occasion when she uses the word “Fatima” and refers to “Jacinta” and Francisco,” and at times appears on a Fatima-apparition anniversary date.

She repeats her Fatima directions over and over surely so that we’ll “get it” if we, like hundreds of millions of others, haven’t yet heeded the simple requests she made there. The directives are all here in these foremost examples from the messages, so we can’t be deaf to her unceasing direction to pray the Rosary, and pray it daily because she calls it the weapon that defends from the Evil One; to pray and sacrifice for sinners; and to adore Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist.

Edson and Miravalle also bring to us other very specific directives from out Blessed Mother, this “Queen of the Rosary.” This book also includes many related messages from her — and from Jesus — pinpointing how to put the very timely directives into actions that will unshackle us from the wide path of the world that is leading so many astray. One such directive is to “turn off your television.” Our Lady explains why.

There’s more. Miravalle writes, “Jesus and Our Lady reveal an entirely new body of developmental messages…These new themes will include the call for ‘family rosary;’ Our Lady’s self-identification as ‘Queen of the Youth;’ the imperative to frequently ‘go to Confession;’ the confirmation that the ‘true Church is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church’ and, on a most serious note, that a ‘torrent of chastisements’ are soon approaching.”


The Three Hearts is a chapter that brings to light a vital revelation in the apparitions — the three united hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — the Holy Family and their most essential need today. On Oct. 13, 1917, at Fatima, they appeared together. Now, the reason and the indispensable need for us to be devoted to the Three Hearts is crystalized, gleaming and glistening like diamonds in these 1997 apparitions.

Miravalle rightly explains they “serve as a theological and thematic segue to the extraordinary novena of Messages from March 1-9, 1998, which will emphatically and universally call for devotion and consecration to the newly introduced ‘Third Heart’ — the ‘Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph.’”

In this as well as in other chapters, Miravalle introduces most of the messages with a brief statement, or observation that awakens and prepares us for the message, and also readies us to receive it personally. They really help us tune into the message and see it as directed not only to everyone, but to us personally.

Like a master weaver, he highlights the patterns of the messages to help bring together the necessary detailed picture.


The Most Chaste Heart of Joseph chapter follows with monumental revelations of Joseph and heaven’s plan at this moment in time.  Miravalle gives beautifully clear and straightforward reasons (theologically) why this necessity for devotion to the Heart of St. Joseph “which has been providentially released now, at our present critical moment in human history,” he says.

Recounting the long description of Edson’s vision, he gives us strong insights into the meanings of the symbols heaven incorporated into the vision by which we can then understand with even more clarity about this devotion.

Then come the Novena of messages from March 1-9 revealed by St. Joseph himself. Some of these epic revelations from St. Joseph were part of an earlier Register article.) They’re not to be missed.

“Simply put,” says Miravalle, “these nine messages regarding God’s manifest will and desire for devotion of and Consecration to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph by humanity in its present ubiquitous state of moral degeneration, disaster and war, constitute one of the greatest series of prophetic messages regarding St. Joseph in the history of the Catholic Church.”

In another apparition, Our Lady tells us the whole world should have a great love for the Most Chaste Heart of Joseph as a particular remedy for family attacks all through these end of times.

Jesus also tells us, He who has a deep devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will not be eternally lost. This is My great promise, which I do here in this Holy place.

Then on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Lord himself asks for a liturgical feast honoring the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph: I desire that the first Wednesday, after the Feast of my Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be dedicated to the Feast of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

The chapter ends with a half-dozen ways to honor the Heart of St. Joseph. Miravalle adds an explanation for each. In the Appendix, he includes the prayers for the Cloak of St. Joseph devotion, an ancient one Edson was told to revive during a 2016 apparition, and a devotion highly recommended by none other than St. Joseph great devotee, St. Teresa of Avila.


Heart of the Message of Itapiranga is another strategic chapter that represents a collection of the messages from the 1994-1997, and 2001 as selected by Edson (some of the messages were also given to his mother Maria do Carmo who received some apparitions) that are, as Miravalle reveals, “now in the English language for the first time.”

Miravalle recommends prayerful reading of this chapter (as we should of each                 chapter), not leaning on his own highlighting but taking “the appropriate time in spiritually and meditatively consuming all the messages which comprise the quintessential heart of Itapiranga.”

Since the message of Itapiranga continues as Edson receives the supernatural visits and messages, Miravalle rightly points out this book has no “dramatic conclusion,” but encourages us to read the other inspired messages of the Three Hearts (and tells us where to find them).

And he gives us two directives: Itapiranga calls for our action for ourselves, families, and others for eternal salvation; and we’re to live Itapiranga. Again, in one beautifully inspirational paragraph, he helps us understand how and inspires us to action.

In many ways, we are again at Fatima on that apparition’s 100th anniversary, which we must act on, and which Itapiranga emphasizes, with some further heavenly uplifting additions.

My children, today you are celebrating My last apparition at Fatima, to My three little shepherds,” Our Lady said during an October 13 apparition. So many years ago, I spoke at Fatima, giving My message, but men remain deaf. They do not want to obey what the Lord has recommended through Me. I tell you, that now as never before, listening to my Motherly appeals has become more imperative, because difficult moments are approaching you, my children.

To not heed her this time is to face unprepared the chastisements our Blessed Mother again warns us about, instead of reaching for the hope she extends.