Mom Baptized by Pope

Heidi Sierras, California mother of four, is baptized in St. Peter's at the Easter Vigil.
Heidi Sierras, California mother of four, is baptized in St. Peter's at the Easter Vigil. (photo: photo: Dino Durando)

Tim Drake did an excellent interview with Heidi Sierras, the California mom who was baptized by the Pope at the Easter Vigil. Here’s an excerpt.

I understand that your time of celebration was also marked with sorrow?
Yes, my father passed away before we left on our trip. He wanted to be cremated, so they waited until after I got back and had a service for him. Sorrow and joy seem to go together.

What was the Easter Vigil like?

I was extremely nervous. I was so nervous that my heart was pounding and I felt like everyone could see me shaking. Yet, when I went up to be baptized, I looked at the Pope and it was overwhelming. I kind of wanted to look away, but couldn’t. It was like he was piercing you with his eyes. …

It wasn’t until after I had received Communion and returned to my pew to kneel in prayer that I broke down and started crying. I felt a feeling of completeness. Always before when I had attended Mass, I felt an emptiness. I couldn’t fully participate in Mass and receive Jesus, who I had been longing to receive. Once I was able to receive him, I felt complete.

What did family or friends say to you afterwards?

My daughter kept commenting afterwards that I looked different. She said, “I can’t put my finger on it, but you look different in your eyes. You look happy.”

Ater the Mass, when I walked out of St. Peter’s, everyone was outside in the plaza waiting. My husband was in tears. People were welcoming me to the Church. Some people hugged me. Others were crying. It was a moment of tremendous happiness and joy.

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In the meanwhile: Here’s the pre-baptism interview.