Meet A Little-Known Saint Who Helped Other Saints Become Holy, An Entire Church Converts, and More!

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Meet A Little-Known Saint Who Helped Other Saints Become Holy – Deacon Omar Gutierrez at Catholic Spiritual Direction +1

An Entire Church Converts: He Brought 54 Converts with Him: Episcopal to Anglican Ordinariate of the Catholic Church - California Catholic Daily +1

The Devil Wears SJ; The Jesuit Superior General: The Devil Is A Symbol, Not A Person – Fr. Z’s Blog

When Catholics Fight Back – Casey Chalk at Crisis Magazine

Bias in Bible Translations – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith

Assumptions on the Assumption by Sister Carolyn – One Mad Mom

Stop The Negative Voices: Spiritual Direction & Prayer – Kendra Von Esh at Catholic Stand

Amazon Streaming Service Reveals “Fellowship” Of Creators For New ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Can The Pill Really Cause an Abortion? 5 Truths Every Woman Should Know About This Contraceptive – ChurchPOP

Is Mary’s Queenship Biblical? – Edward Sri at Catholic Answers Magazine

The Holy Lance: A Lesser Known Relic of Jesus Christ – Billy Ryan at uCatholic

Introducing Ars Comacina – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

The Early Church’s Contribution to Marriage – Fr. Joshua Neu at Catholic East Texas

Obstacles To Evangelizing In The Modern Age – Jonathan Rummelsburg at Integrated Catholic Life

When Politics Reshapes the Culture – Hadley Arkes, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing

The Morality of Mind Control – Christopher Reilly at Catholic Stand

The Australian Disgrace – George Weigel at First Things

4 Companies That Have ‘Hidden’ Bible Verses On Their Products – Billy Hallowell at Pure Flix

Scholars Discover John Locke Manuscript Arguing For The Toleration Of Catholics – Kimberly Uslin at St. John’s College

Why Muslims Love Mary – Jayson Casper at Christianity Today

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