Farewell, Dear Reader

Today, as Lent gives way to the Triduum, I set aside my mouse with a sigh and bid these fond blog pages adieu.

I’m going to miss this place. But today I start a new job here at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas (vice president of college relations), and while I will still write often, I won’t have the time to blog.

There is too much to do at Benedictine as we build one of America’s great Catholic colleges. Today, we launch a prayer campaign for a new home for our Philosophy, Theology, Business and Education departments (the core of our Benedictine mission) and we are preparing other great initiatives for very soon ... Stay tuned.

But, for me, farewells call for poetry, not prose, and so I will end in verse.

A Farewell to Blogging

Farewell, com-box commentators,
Question raisers and smart debaters.
More than once you found the spot
Where my logic failed and yours did not.

Farewell, each com-box referee
Who defended and encouraged me.
More than once you eased my mind
When trounced on by subhuman-kind.

Farewell , angry cyber brawlers,
Venom-spitters and name callers.
I advise a warm bath and a book on stress
Then get help. Your life’s a mess.

And, finally, a fond farewell
To my great lurking sleeper cell
You don’t comment, you just visit
Because you know I’m right. Admit it.

And so, farewell, each foe and friend;
This blog, like all good things, must end.
I pray one day again I’ll post …
In the blog-roll of the heavenly host!