Doctor Had Woman Held Down to Force Abortion?

No means no, except maybe when you’re talking to abortionist Abraham Hodari.

The abortionist in Michigan is being sued for allegedly forcing an abortion after the woman changed her mind and asked him to stop. The abortionist even reportedly instructed assistants to hold the woman down while he completed the abortion.

A news report offers details:

Dr. Hodari has a sordid past. That’s a nice way of saying his clinic is a horror show. He’s been sued 23 times, botched a 2004 abortion that resulted in the death of a 15 year old girl, his clinic was exposed on video disposing of human remains illegally, and he has said he sometimes doesn’t wash his hands between patients because he worries about his skin chafing even though he knows it increases the chance of infections for patients, according to CNA. (Warning: Some graphic images at the link)

Hodari also told a group of students in 2007 that, “We doctors have a license to lie. And it’s true. It’s absolutely true. Sometimes you need to lie to a patient about things that they want to do or no.” You can see him saying that at this link.

I guess when killing becomes easy it’s hard to imagine that lying would be difficult. Because when you play God, the devil cheers you on.