Counter-Cultural Newman Guide Colleges Recommended, The Office and Flannery O’Connor and More!

The Best In Catholic Blogging

Counter-Cultural Newman Guide Colleges Recommended in 2019-20 Edition – Newman Society +1

Liturgy: Your Taste Doesn’t Matter – Brian Holdsworth at uCatholic +1

This Was Once Africa’s Largest Cathedral, But Its “Throne” Cannot Be Filled – Ray Kavanaugh at Aleteia

“The Office” &. . . Flannery O’Connor? – Lauren Enk Mann at The Catholic World Report +1

Eucharistic Procession by Boat in Louisiana on the Assumption – G. DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

Catholic Tradition & the Sign of the Cross – Marcelino D’Ambrosio, Ph.D., at Catholic Exchange

My Journey To Christ, & What Keeps Me Close To Him – Maddox at Cream City Catholic

Can Morality Be Grounded in Science? – Regis Nicoll at Crisis Magazine

Love of a Suppressed Language: What Maori & Western Catholics Have in Common – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at New Liturgical Movement

5 Podcasts For Catholic Moms – Carissa Pluta at Aleteia

Organizing for Success in Homeschooling – Luann Simons at Practical Ponderings

The Divine Mission of the Catholic Church – John Larrinaga, Ph.D., at Catholic Stand

Catholic Church in Diocese of Yujiang Raided & Shut Down – Wang Yong at Bitter Winter

Catholic (FŒDVS) Blogger & Priest Arrested Inside Abortion Mill – Micaiah Bilger at Life News

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