Breaking Promises Nashville Priest Gives Heretical Interview (Again!)

In an interview, Fr. Joseph Breen of Nashville directly contradicts Church teaching and breaks his promises to multiple Bishops.

In 2010, Fr. Joseph Breen posted a video to the internet in which he contradicted Church teaching on a number of topics. The video, after being highlighted on my Creative Minority Report blog, garnered national attention and the attention of his Bishop.

In 1993, Fr. Breen had made a promise to former Bishop of Nashville not to contradict Church teaching after publicly contradicting Church teaching.

In 2010, after the video became known, Bishop Choby offered Fr. Breen a chance to retract his statement and apologize or face removal as pastor. Fr. Breen agreed.

But now with his retirement imminent, Fr. Breen has violated that promise and given an interview in which, once again, he publicly contradicts Church teaching.

He speaks about the topic of birth control.

"We say you want to be a responsible Christian person, then some form of birth control, so long as it's not abortive," he said.

He speaks about divorce.

"We've got to reach out to them, and let them know they are welcome in the church. If they're doing the best they can, they're sorry for the sins of yesterday, then, Pope Francis, following the spirit of Jesus Christ, we'll say they're welcome, come back," Breen said.

He even speaks about gay marriage.

"We have all been redeemed. There's no difference between the people I know that are homosexuals and those that are heterosexual. What makes them God's people, what makes them healthy is the ability to love and be loved," he said.

Father Breen also does not believe in hell.

"What father would send a person to hell? And it's unfortunate even in today's world people still believe in hell and eternal punishment," he said. "To me, if you believe in that, you are saying God is basically sick and he enjoys sending his children to hell for punishment."
How does Fr. Breen justify breaking his promises and contradicting Church teaching?

"I am just doing what the pope wants," Breen said.

Original Video from 2010.