Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady of Fatima Flown Over Lebanon

“It is time to amaze the Lord by our faith. It is time to ask God’s mercy for all humanity.”

(photo: YouTube screenshot)

The Blessed Sacrament and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was flown over the country of Lebanon with a priest to bless the country to protect it from an outbreak of coronavirus. Maronite priest Father Majdi Allawi hired the private plane to “bless the country, protect the homeland, and heal those who have been infected by the virus.”

You can see it on YouTube but it is being incorrectly reported as taking place over Italy. A comment under the video stated that it was Lebanon, not Italy.

I investigated it and found the priest’s Facebook page, which he calls “The happiness of heaven with Father Majdi Allawi.” It is in Arabic, but he also translates many of his posts into French and English. The video of him flying over Lebanon is posted there with the comment: “Tramping in the holy communion over Lebanon... With Beirut Wings-Flight Training Organization led by Captain Khalil Father and pilot Joseph Egyptian.”

As reported in The New Arab, “Majdi Allawi, a Maronite priest, took to the skies over the weekend and prayed for God to watch over and protect Lebanon, local media reported. Equipped with a cross, a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a monstrance, the priest flew over Beirut and surrounding areas for two hours as he ‘pleaded with the Lord to protect Lebanon’, media reported.”

On his Facebook page under the Divine Mercy image of Jesus, Father Allawi posted the following:

It is true that we are cutting in pregnant with her great fear, fear of disease, of death, from tomorrow and from the unknown...

But the sweet, the time of the stone is for me, you let each of us make a journey back to the soul, to the depth, to the soul of the soul, where God can guide the horror of all souls...

This is a chance to repent, and we return God in the middle of our lives along,
Because the disease and fear are the result of the human dimension of God, as a result of actions committed to the world evil, the nature itself convulsed on creation...
Its time to wake up ,
Its time to amaze the Lord by our faith , 
Its time to ask Gods mercy for all the humanity ... 

Our God is the God of the impossible , 
Let’s be united in faith ,
Let’s move mountains and just Pray ... Presidente Joelle AbouHaidar

May God bless this dynamic priest, so passionate about our Catholic faith. And may God bless us and protect us all and draw us closer to him during this time of uncertainty.