Australian Witch Hunt of Cardinal Pell, Growing Traditional Catholic Parish in the Ozarks, and More!

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George Cardinal Pell, 17 March A.D. 2016
George Cardinal Pell, 17 March A.D. 2016 (photo: Alexey Gotovskyi of Catholic News Agency)

The Witch Hunt Against Australia’s Cardinal George Pell: Five Facts You Need To Know  David F. Pierre, Jr., of +1

A Growing Traditional Catholic Parish in the Ozarks Shane Schaetzel of Complete Christianity

Five Tips from Fr. Braun for Youth Ministry Fr. Justin Braun of Catholic East Texas

An Inside Look at the Hidden Symbols Found in Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Image  Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

Return to Liturgical Glory? Mark Nowakowski, Ph.D., of Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship

Same-Sex Attraction & Unnecessary Shame  Cynthia Millen of Catholic Stand

The age in which we live: Readers seeking Asia Bibi news may need to look in op-ed pages  Terry Mattingly of Get Religion

Dynamic Equivalence, with Some Polyphony: Google’s Translation Issue  Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

Five Resolutions For The New Year From Cardinal Sarah  Laura Ricketts of epicPew

Cardinal Cocopalmerio on Anglican Orders ☩ Fr. Dwight Longenecker +1

 Patrick Malone of Catholic Stand

Churches, Piazzas, & European Spaces  Duncan Stroik of The Institute for Sacred Architecture

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler: Receive Communion on the Tongue While Kneeling  Brian Williams of Liturgy Guy

3 Ways Catholics Can Better Fundraise in 2019 Brice Sokolowski of

Rome’s Catacombs Witness to the Catholic Faith of the Early Church  Stephen Beale of Aleteia

The Conundrum of Progressivism  James Kalb, J.D., of Crisis Magazine

The “Protestant” Catholics ☩ David Carlin of The Catholic Thing +1

Trail of Blood: Do Baptists Have a Claim to the Original Church?  Steve Ray of Defenders of the Catholic Faith

Damn Scots!  Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

The Lord’s Prayer Is Just Fine the Way It Is  R. Jared Staudt, Ph.D., Crisis Magazine

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