A Look at the Early Church

Megiddo mosaic.
Megiddo mosaic. (photo: Getty Images)

An Australian film crew recently got a first-hand look at some striking confirmation of the Church’s constant teaching regarding the divinity of Christ.

The crew for the upcoming Australian TV series “The Life of Jesus” were allowed to visit the remains of an ancient Christian prayer hall at Megiddo, Israel.

An inscription in the hall’s mosaic floor, which is dated by the archaelogical team working on the site to no later than 230 AD, specifically refers to “the God Jesus Christ.”

The antiquity of the mosaic inscription refutes claims by some historical revisionists that belief in the divinity of Jesus was an invention of the Catholic Church at the time of the Nicene Council a century later.

Dr. John Dickson, the TV series’ host, told sydneyanglicans.net, “Here is extraordinary physical evidence from the century before Constantine and the Council of Nicaea that Christians, including Roman officials, were worshipping Jesus as divine.”

— Tom McFeely

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